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What’s my Name?

My name is Peter Peter Portland Eater and I do exactly that, eating in and around Portland. I try to pick the best, newest, most popular restaurants or just any restaurant that interests me and then tell my readers about my experience there. I have a blogged at since 2013 and will now also be producing exclusive content for the BDN Blogs Network. This will give me an opportunity to introduce myself to BDN readers and introduce you, the readers, to restaurants in Portland and whatever else I come up with to share.

Peter Blanchette

Peter Blanchette

Portland quietly became a food mecca over the past couple decades leading up to the past several years during which it’s become nationally and internationally recognized for its overwhelmingly prolific restaurant scene. A number of sources suggest that Portland has more bars and restaurants than anywhere in the US. World class chefs are moving here from everywhere to open eateries and it’s becoming difficult to watch food TV or open a food magazine without Portland being represented in some way. There doesn’t seem to be any slowdown either, as locals regularly enjoy their favorite places and hotels are consistently full of tourists trying to find the best of the hundreds of eateries in the area as new ones open weekly.

I’m honored to have this opportunity to tell you about my experiences and look forward to branching out and blogging about whatever I dream up. I plan on giving you the information to keep up with the ever-changing and fast moving Portland food scene and picking out some gems for you in different areas, letting you know what’s good and what to avoid along the way. In addition, I might give you some insight into the growing beverage arena as breweries, wineries, and distilleries pop up at an alarming rate. I might interview those creating the food, provide you with “best of” lists, or occasionally give you one of my own famous recipes. I’m up for anything and we’ll decide what to do as we go forward.

If you think any of this would be interesting to you, please follow me here at BDN Blogs, follow my other blog at, like Peterpeterportlandeater on Facebook and follow @Portlandeater on Twitter. You can also email me here or at if you have questions, concerns, suggestions, or criticisms. I look forward to hearing from you as we explore the Maine food and beverage experience together.

Stay hungry.

Peter Blanchette

About Peter Blanchette

Peter Peter Portland Eater grew up in Lewiston, Maine and graduated from the University of Maine in Orono with a degree in English. After college, he left the state to work in Massachusetts, but the allure of a more comfortable life in his home state brought him back after eight years. Upon his return and after meeting his now wife – Mrs. Portlandeater, he slowly integrated himself into the Portland food scene by trying as many restaurants as he could afford. That and a desire to write for others again led him to start where he reviews restaurants and blogs about whatever Portland/Maine food topics he finds interesting.